History of Decorative Arts
George Mason University in Partnership with Smithsonian Associates

MA in History of Decorative Arts

Samantha DeTillio, 2012

Samantha DeTillio

Samantha is a curatorial assistant at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. Samantha credits the HDA program with "directly influencing my career. During my first job at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as the Tiffany & Co. Curatorial Intern in American Decorative Arts, my day-to-day work included object research, primary archival research, writing for the galleries, and critical analysis about objects - all skills I learned during my time at the Smithsonian-Mason MA in the History of Decorative Arts."

Regarding her current position at MAD, "we focus a lot on process in art and design.  Having a background in the decorative arts has been important in understanding current practices in making related to historic processes. Additionally, because the museum was founded during the mid-century craft movement, having knowledge of the material culture of that period has been very useful."

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