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New Course Announced for Summer 2015-Treasure Houses of Scotland: Royal Heritage

The course ‘Treasure Houses of Scotland: Royal Heritage’ focuses on some of Scotland’s most striking material culture. Exploring the visual design and social identity of royal sites in Scotland from the golden age of the Stuart monarchy into the Victorian era, this two-week graduate-level programme focuses on how interior and exterior space and objects were consumed in their historical contexts and how these factors tessellate with current and future trends in cultural heritage presentation and interpretation.


Based in the University of Glasgow’s History of Art Department, the course is structured around expert-led study visits, study sessions in museum collections, and lectures in School.


Sites will include:


  • Stirling Castle, magnificent showcase for trends in historical conservation and cultural heritage display
  • Falkland Palace, paradigm of the Renaissance courtly style
  • Hopetoun House, home to the 4th Marquess of Linlithgow and scene of King George IV’s historic visit to Scotland in 1822
  • Palace of Holyroodhouse, dramatic backdrop to the short reign of Mary Queen of Scots


Join us in exploring the strands of display, identity, and culture at these historic sites and within Scotland’s extraordinary museum collections.


For more information please contact decarts@gmu.edu.

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