History of Decorative Arts
George Mason University in Partnership with Smithsonian Associates

HDA Student Arthur Asseo Selected as Speaker at TEDx Youth Conference in San Juan

Arthur Asseo is the cofounder, with María de Mater O’Neill, of Rubberband Design Studio (2008), a transformation design firm specialized in participatory and user-centered methodologies. Rubberband designed a methodology to allow designers extrapolate, evaluate, understand and improve people’s experience with a product or service in order to increase the level of success of the firm’s clients.

Arthur is a candidate for an MA on the History of Decorative Arts from Smithsonian-George Mason University, Washington, DC and has a BFA on Image and Design from the Escuela de Artes Plásticas, Puerto Rico. In 2010, as senior partner in Rubberband, LLP, received the BID10 Award of the 2010 Biennale of Latin American Design in Madrid, Spain for the design of the exhibition “Hacia un nuevo rumbo” (Museo Casa Roig, Universidad de Puerto Rico, 2009). He has participated in multiple conferences and publications about design, design history and technology in Puerto Rico, Washington, DC, Finland, Cyprus and Argentina.
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